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Baoji Titanium Wire Industry

Sep. 12, 2016

Baoji Titanium Wire Industry is a China based manufacturer of Titanium & Titanium Alloy welding wires, medical wires, bars, tubes and plates. We cater to the Spherical Micropowders and Nanopowders, oil and gas, medical, chemical, automotive, precision engineering, marine and metal finishing industries.

We have an extensive stock of prime titanium metal plates, sheets, bars and welding rods in CP grades as well as in Ti6Al4V grades. Complete packages of titanium wires, bars, pipes, plates are supplied to fabricators, contractors and engineering companies.

Our Range of Products:

Titanium- Commercially Pure(CP) grades

Titanium Ti6AL4V & ELI grades Titanium Wire, Titanium Bar / Rod

Titanium Pipe, Tube & Fittings

Titanium Welding rods & wires

Titanium Anodes, Platinum Coated

Baoji Titanium Wire Industry is an approved supplier to GRANDIS TITANIUM and other major OEMs.

We warmly welcome the opportunity of quoting on your needs, whether your requirement is large or small. Let us be your partner in your titanium procurement.